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Thijs Creemers12:07:19

I am trying to use pathom to send graphql queries to an exsting backend, In the documentation there are a few examples, but when I am trying the examples it appears as if I am working with an older library API. My Fulcro version is 3.0.10 and the pathom version is 2.2.31. Has anyone a hint?


hello, and yes, those docs are still on Fulcro 2, Pathom provides no direct helpers for Fulcro 3 at this point, you need to create a custom Remote on Fulcro 3, and hook the parser into it


here is an example of writing a remote like this for Fulcro 3

Thijs Creemers14:07:45

Thanks for the reply

Thijs Creemers14:07:37

That will be helpful, thanks


hello! is it possible to alias mutations? unfortunately i'm not getting the results i expected, but maybe my syntax is incorrect:

(pg/query->graphql '[{(myMutationFn {:com.wsscode.pathom.graphql/alias "alias1" :id "someid" :user "someuser"}) [:id :user]}
                     {(myMutationFn {:com.wsscode.pathom.graphql/alias "alias2" :id "someid" :user "someuser"}) [:id :user]}])

; missing aliases:

"mutation {
   myMutationFn(id: \"someid\", user: \"someuser\") {
   myMutationFn(id: \"someid\", user: \"someuser\") {