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hello @mark354! there is some start on the federation work, but I dont feel that is good enough for general usage at this moment. so for understand, you want to kind map from RDF directly to resolvers with pathom, kinda like that?

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Mark Wardle19:06:50

Hi! Thanks. Yes - I already have a couple of health related microservices and providing a pathom facade seems like an excellent idea, but for newer services I was wondering whether I could write a pathom native server and federate rather than creating a facade. Happy to do latter however, as I guess conceptually it makes sense as the server-side partner of potentially multiple client-side applications… I’m quite keen on the ontological side of things as of course, you can see triples creating graphs fairly easily, and if you get the semantics right, you can potentially provide access to runtime clients with bags of first-class ‘well-known’ attributes rather than, as is usual in health, the wider model being the first-class mechanism (much like in OO).

Mark Wardle19:06:27

PS thank you so much for writing such a powerful library!

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gotcha, makes sense, your idea is right on what I like to provide for federation, distributed parsers that can be integrated. I'm a fan of RDF myself, not sure how much pathom and ontologies fit together. For the keywords I think you are doing the good approach, keywords are the closest primitive in Clojure that I can think related to properties

Mark Wardle20:06:19

Great. It’s helpful to know I’m not missing something already done or completely wide of the mark! I’m hoping RDF-like triples source->property/predicate->target are a way of creating a graph by standardising the properties. I’d like to facade different types of domain information and walk graphs between and within them… at least that’s the plan! Thanks again.


@mark354 and are clojure projects that have done some interesting modeling with rdf. I just saw there's an #rdf so perhaps someone there has more advice

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Mark Wardle19:06:14

Thanks. They look interesting projects - I’ll read more thank you!

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