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hello, wanted to say that we have been evaluating pathom last few days and we are blown away. Serioulsy good job @wilkerlucio


and commiters


thank you for such a great tool


(cant’ go back to graphql now) 😞

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@jmayaalv it would be great if you can share your evaluation

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)15:04:49

Hello! I struggle translating a working GraphQL query into Pathom Connect + graphql. I have described my problems here and would appreciate any help. Thank you!!!


thanks for the great report, I'll have some time to look into it later today

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)18:04:06

Thanks a lot! I plan to add a little more high level tests for the GraphQL PC that could also serve as a documentation (query + index -> resolver -> driver that returns hard-coded response -> errors and data). The current unit tests are too low for that.

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)20:04:48

@wilkerlucio Could you perhaps be so kind and show me how to write such a high-level/integration style? I see I know too little to be able to pull it off. Something like running

  {::pc/indexes <based on graphql2-test/indexes>
   ::pcg/prefix "service"
   ::pcg/ident-map {...}
   ::p.http/driver (fn [r] (verify-expected-query r)
   [{[:service.Customer/id "123"]
? I guess that graphql2-test/query-env quite close to the env I need, I would perhaps just need to plug into the env the actual com.wsscode.pathom.connect.graphql2/graphql-resolve 🙏


for the integrations like these, I want to warn you they are about to change, I plan to release this weekend some of the new stuff, and sadly the graphql integration will need rework (graphql3 is coming 😛, but probably not this weekend), so I like to write about those integrations for this new scenario, since this is the thing moving forward

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