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For fun, I created a toy resolver to understand how batching works with resolvers. This led to some surprising results, with the batching taking quite a bit longer to run than the serial one. It seems that this is due to it incrementally running the resolver with one new input added each time. Have I missed something crucial here? (It’s using Aleph, so http/get returns a Manifold)


Nevermind, I just discovered the difference between parser and parallel-parser 🙂 Initially, I thought it redundant, since the web server is parallel anyway. Turns out it has more implications than that.


Hey @wilkerlucio I'm having some problems here. I'm hoping to be able to read a mutation query off the wire from an API and then throw it into pathom. A call like this works perfectly fine: (<!! (parser {} '[{(hello {}) [:greeting]}])) however when I remove the single quote yielding (<!! (parser {} [{(hello {}) [:greeting]}])) I get an "invalid expression" error. This matters because when I read my queries off the wire using code like this:

(let [query (read-query-off-the-wire)]
    (<!! (parser {} (quote query))))
it does not evaluate the contents of the query variable. So now I'm faced with this weird problem where pathom wants an unevaluated expression, and I need to evaluate my variable within a quote function which stops me from being able to evaluate it. What can I do?


hello , the reason you need to quote when you write the code like that is that otherwise it tries to run it like a fn, which is not what you need, you need a list with symbol


if you get something that is already that literal list, you dont need to quote, so you can just forward it, makes sense?