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On a completely different subject now. In the REPL all I see is "before silent failure".


This is the parser used when getting the silent failure. I've commented out two plugins to try to help, but to no avail.


Perhaps one of the libraries Pathom uses? Ghostwheel?


Or perhaps if I didn't run the async parser. With core.async errors will be thrown on threads and won't be seen on the REPL - that is expected I would have thought.


@cjmurphy did you figure how to get the errors? Ghostwheel is oly a dev dep, but its not currently used in pathom at all


I tried very briefly to great a non-async parser. When that wasn't successful I decided to create and use my own crude version of a parser. So for now I'm getting on. I'm sure it is in the docs how to get at errors, just too straightforward to go with my own approach as was mostly ducking around Pathom anyway. I'll re-introduce Pathom soon, first up for resolving mutations.