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hey all, are there any docs around about integrating pathom with the fulcro easy server?


Don’t use easy server…really. It is very simple to roll your own. The new template sets it all up for you.


@mss i think that it's underdocumented CLJS - When you create new-fulcro-client, you can pass (fc/new-fulcro-client :networking (net/fulcro-http-remote {:url "//localhost:8080/api"})) CLJ - Create a pedestal webserver in 8080 - create a route in POST/api. It should read and write transit - you can take all (parsed) body from /api and pass to your parser {:body (edn->transit (my-parser/parser {:my-db {...}} body)) :status 200}

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pedestal or any ring'ie. I know nothing about "fulcro server". Maybe can be easier use fulcro server and just exchange the parser part.


figured it out after a little tinkering — didn’t realize I needed to roll my own handler vs using the fulcro one out of the box. appreciate the help!


@mss from lein new fulcro my-project inside src/main/my_project/server_components/middleware.clj just remove (def server-parser (server/fulcro-parser)) And use (def server-parser (p/parser {.. pathom stuff ..}))


it should be way easier then create a new webserver... And should keep debug/support easier 🙂

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Daniel Hines18:01:52

I’ve asked this same question myself. Thanks for this clear answer @souenzzo


PRO TIP: df/load has a great doc