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Alex H19:12:40

I might be completely missing something, but how would you do the flat sort of join with a to-one in fulcro? can you have multiple (prim/get-query) at the same level?

Alex H19:12:42

with the usual example of a cow having one farmer, and if I'd normally have pathom connect resolvers that return something to the extent of {:cow/id 1 :cow/name "Elsa" :farmer/id 9 :farmer/name "Rob"} - and I'd want them normalized sensibly in fulcro - what would the :query look like?


that';s the placeholder nodes, you could query like this:

[:cow/name {:>/farmer [:farmer/name]}]


just noticed the default namespace is outdated there, will update in a bit


Pathom users do [{[:user/by-id 33] [:user/name :user/id]}] or [{[:user/id 33] [:user/name :user/id]}] ? Then on fulcro db it should be :user/by-id {33 {...}} or :user/id {33 {...}} ?