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i really love parinfer, im trying to understand if some behavior is expected or if maybe my version is just behind the vision 🙂 say i have some expressions like so:

(foo (bar zoo)
     (wham bame cram))
if i make change the foo name, then it changes my code, e.g shorter and the bar function gets feed the line below. Is that desirable?(


im on spacemacs on the dev branch


@drewverlee that sounds like you might be in the wrong mode. It sounds like you want to be in indent mode and not parent mode:


It looks like you can try using SPC t P to switch modes and see if that exhibits the behaviour you expect:


if you change “foo” to “f” in your example, and this happens…

(f (bar zoo
     (wham bame cram)))
…then that is wrong, and this is what should happen instead:
(f (bar zoo)
   (wham bame cram))


you can see the canonical behavior by trying it here:


yep i was in the wrong mode, seems like a silly mistake.