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I notice that the source of ground truth behaves differently indenting subsequent lines when the argument is in a vector and when they are not. Not sure if I should file an issue or not, because it might be what is intended. Anyway, parinfer seems to prefer to line up the arguments also in the latter case when entering them the first time.


Yeah, that looks a bit wonky.


@pez the issue is that in the second example, you have 2 elements from a list on the same line (bar and 1). in the first example you only have one element from the vector on the first line (1). you get the same behavior if you do this:

[foo 1


the only thing that is weird about it is that the autoindentation understands function invocations when you first type things in


so it initially lines things up the right way but doesn’t keep them that way


You’re right, the result in Atom is also

(bar   1 
I overlooked that the 1 and 2 where not contained in a separate structure.