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A heads up guys on the atom package in case other users are having problems, I upgraded today, and at first it didn't appear to install after restart and still showed as an available update. Also both the old and new version of the package were in packages list. This might cause some people problems, but not sure because I didn't use before un-installing the prior version. I'm on linux(solus) and the case of the name may be the cause?


@shaunlebron I’ve just pushed some more changes. All paren mode tests now pass, and there’s one failing smart mode case.


So there’s now just one failing indent case (the one I asked about yesterday) and one smart mode.


I can’t figure out the smart mode one - it seems to be to do with how forms are pulled along with siblings, but I’m not sure.


The indenting stuff for smart mode is pretty subtle, I’m not 100% convinced I have that right yet - the tests aren’t as comprehensive as for indent or paren modes yet, and there are only a couple of tests for the changes stuff.


When we have this working it would be good to get it into the demo editor to get a better feel for how it’s working and to shake out any more bugs.


@cfleming: thanks for the update. I suppose it makes more sense to do the ‘great test overhaul’ first. chris convinced me to build a better testing framework that makes it easier to add more comprehensive tests outside of the markdown docs


@shaunlebron Ok, let me know how you’d like to proceed.


I’d like to try to fix the remaining tests so at least this version is in a known state, and then I’ll run it against future tests as they become available.


If there are more changes to parinfer mainline I can try to keep this version up to date too.


When those tests pass I’ll probably port to Kotlin at that point to begin testing in Cursive.


I’ll commit to freezing new parinfer features in core for now, and will just respond to issues from the increased test coverage and user feedback on smart mode


Thanks, sounds good.


@shaunlebron In my branch I’ve updated the demo editor to use the edits version.


Only very superficial testing so far, but it looks good.


I have to head out for a couple of hours, I’ll play around with the cases that were problematic from the tests and see if I can get them to act differently to the official version.


good idea, playing with it my reveal some details on why they’re breaking


I’m in full marketing mode for the new page, and trying to prevent burnout so I don’t think I can help with this edits feature until I’m done with the page next week


the changes were small in code, but seem to be large in implications, and really cause some conceptual changes that I’ll have to really sit down and think about