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1. Debugger, InstaREPL, InteractiveREPL, SyntaxChecker, SaveValues, Sayid for both Clojure and ClojureScript 2. Parinfer and Paredit support.


@cjhowe I was not a wizard but pretty competent with paredit, and I mostly use parinfer now. At least in Cursive, you can still use the paredit commands when they make more sense, but I prefer the fact that I can use parinfer using “normal” commands I’d use in any other editor (e.g. delete line). In general, a surprising amount of my editing turns out to be line-based, and parinfer fixes all that up nicely for me.


Wow, go Cursive users with parinfer!


@shaunlebron Glad to see you’re getting involved with shadow-cljs, I think it’s a really interesting project, and Thomas is super smart.