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just want to update y’all on my class using parinfer. it is still going really smoothly. we are already doing web apps and writing large hiccup data structures. each day there has still only been a few problems resulting from incorrect indentation, and typically they were actually conceptual errors (they thought something should be in a certain scope, but it actually should be in a different one).


for example, someone thought their code should be in the binding vector of a let, and when i pointed out it should actually be in the body of the let, they just selected the lines and hit shift+tab without being told to do so. another person accidentally had some hiccup vectors inside the parent element’s attribute map, and when i pointed that out, they did they same thing — select the vectors and hit shift+tab a few times to move the code out of that scope.


wonderful updates; thank you @sekao simple_smile


thanks @sekao, really great to have real world feedback from newcomers