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Vinicius Vieira Tozzi08:11:47

Hi everyone, I am very new to Clojure and overtone seems a great project so I would like to try it out. But I am having some issues running it. I followed the instructions here: But when I run (use ’, I am getting this error: CompilerException java.lang.IllegalAccessError: class overtone.libs.app_icon$set_icon (in unnamed module @0x4baa79f9) cannot access class (in module java.desktop) because module java.desktop does not export to unnamed module @0x4baa79f9, compiling:(overtone/libs/app_icon.clj:23:1) I am running on a Mac Mini M1, maybe overtone or SuperCollider is not supported on the M1?

Vinicius Vieira Tozzi08:11:51

The same thing happens if I try to run (use 'overtone.core) , so maybe it’s unrelated to SuperCollider

Vinicius Vieira Tozzi08:11:00

since I haven’t tried to connect to the server yet