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Eric Clack14:12:16

Hi all. I've been playing with some new loop pattern syntax in Overtone and have produced a short video introduction. I'd be grateful for any feedback or pointers to improve the video, or any suggestions on what to explore next: -- github repo here: Many thanks 🙂

Eric Ervin22:01:39

only gotten as far as project.clj and I'm already interested. Never thought that I could write my own functions in this file.

Eric Ervin22:01:25

I should get that Drum Programming Handbook to program my physical drum machines, something I need to do more often.

Eric Ervin20:01:06

Watched the video. Good stuff. I think I'm your first YouTube subscriber. Sorry if this is already in the project and I haven't seen it. Watching the video I was thinking about how my (underused) drum machines organize patterns. I think the next abstraction is a way to set pattern A and B and switch between them (a tr808)

Eric Ervin20:01:24

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