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Hi, is it possibly to create music like this: (examples deeper on the site) with overtone?


I personally think overtone can do much more


but it has a steep learning curve


I'm planning to make it more accessible with my blog


also @ctford is doing great job with his libraries


@pjagielski: Ok, nice to know. I tried to approach it like three times but I never was able to produce anything that sounds like I wanted it to. I think I am lacking enough patience and endurance to keep on going on with it. But everytime I hear stuff like the one at sonic-pi for example I want to do it myself. I already have trouble creating a simple base line that sounds nice.


Also I read the article on Daft Punk's Da Funk today and was impressed simple_smile


I have been playing keyboard for 5 years and guitar for 4 years and still have trouble accessing overtone, it feels strange. I can grab my guitar and start playing instantly. On the other hand I love coding and clojure and making music with it sounds like a dream.


but the problem is in sound or melody programming?


Main main problem is to convert the code into sounds I like. Of course, given the examples it is easy to produce any sound, but a sound and rhythm I like, hm.


I think I will give it another try. Sometimes one just has to try often enough simple_smile


that’s interesting


I play guitar and synthesizers myself


but I’m not a musician at all, I’m incapable of any composition longer than 12 bars and mainly improvise


but I feel strong in sound design - patching synthesizers, prototyping them, playing with knobs, getting the right tone from my tele etc.


writing instruments in overtone is quite easy if you ever tried patching modular synths


i'm struggling to find documentation for overtone. like, what does apply-by really do? i can use it, following the examples, but it would be nice to have docs of the not-generic-clojure bits


well, there’s clojure and there’s supercollider basically wrapped in clojure


for melody programming leipzig is a huge win


I just odoc and doc everything, read sources etc.


but yeah Overtone wiki should improve


Funny note is, the first time I found leipzig I was like, wow, cool, someone from my hometown doing clojure and then I was like. Wait, it has nothing to do with my hometown, it's about music, well, thats interesting too.


wonder if there’s something called berlin


such a musical city


And now, looking at it another time I remember one of the hindrances again: API discoverability. I dont want to talk bad about overtone, but instead try to be constructive. If it is perceived otherwise, please tell me. To get to the point, I just started everything, followed the installation, all is ok, got some drums kicking and was looking for more. By chance I found the examples namespace and also the packtpub one which are awesome. It was hard to find, so maybe a link in the getting started guide to the examples would be nice. Second, Trying to understand apply-by I tried to follow it in cursive, which just does not work. I found and the reference: (overtone.api/immigrate-overtone-api) which I can follow. However, being in overtone.api I search for apply-by which is not referenced. Instead I see a lot of namespaces to be immigrated. So I am kind of stuck here and the only solution I can think of right now is to search through github overtone repo for apply-by which finally leads me to music.time.


I agree with that sentiment. From what I remember it all started well with the wiki, there are some good instructions and basic examples on how to get started, but that doesn't get you very far. After that it was days of browsing the overtone sources and examples, and a lot of trial and error.


maybe we could set up a concerted effort to add more stuff to the wiki