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@takis_ "scala or java as extra language for someone that likes clojure?" -- it really depends on why you want an extra language? Employability? A challenge? As a second language? Third?


Employability i would be fine with clojure only, i was thinking about data processing


Do you find Clojure insufficient for data processing?


no but clojure jobs here in greece are so few, so i was thinking to learn one more language for safety


For Data Science in general, Python seems to be the main language but there are a lot of folks working on getting Clojure's Data Science story much improved.


Employability: I'd say Java is likely to be your best choice, assuming you want to stay on the JVM.


i was thinking about data engineer not data science


i saw spark, apache flink, i think i like those


and i dont know if they would allow me to use clojure in job, even if we have a library


I've used Java and Scala (and Groovy) in production, as well as Clojure, and I'd probably lean toward Scala for the level of expressivity, but it's a complex, fussy language and I hated all the breaking changes with every language upgrade (I last used Scala in the 2.7/2.8 days and when 2.9 came around we decided to jump to Clojure)


scala feels alot more functional? i like functional programming


Java is much improved these days, so a job where you get to use modern Java and don't have to deal with legacy Java could be bearable. I sort of wish I knew Kotlin better because I think I'd lean that way instead: it's "functional enough", it's simple and elegant (compared to Java and Scala, at least), and it has null-safety built into its type system 🙂


Scala can be functional -- or it can just be a "better Java". But the functional side of Scala has a lot of Haskell-wannabe types and stuff like ScalaZ is nasty enough that you might as well just give in and go use Haskell, IMO.


data engineer software, support java,scala,python in general so i want to pick one of the 3+clojure that i really like


i dont like types, i like dynamic languages also


I think Python's nice. Haven't used it in production but I learned it about a decade ago and liked it better than Ruby.


If you don't like types, you probably won't like Scala -- it has types dialed up to eleven 🙂


maybe python is the closest to clojure, because dynamic also, i dont know, thank you for helping me


Do you know if there are more Python jobs in your area than Java/Scala? In data engineering.


python is safe choice


many jobs


Personally after Clojure I like Kotlin best, and newer Java has become nicer, but still hate a lot of things about it, mostly the patterns people have grown accustomed to is what I don't like. Scala is my least favorite though, in practice I've never seen anyone who uses Scala know how to use it, code bases end up a weird OOP in Scala with random parts where people tried some more functional or type heavy tricks and it doesn't always work well haha.


And for some reason, Scala is too implicit for me, type inference and implicits really make it hard to find where things are defined and all that unless you load it all up in your IDE


i think i will just stay java+clojure like i was always, i don't feel like learning a new language that i dont like, at least java i used it long time, and we have a good clojure implementation on JVM