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^i made enough changes to that that it might actually be useful. At worst i lit a bit of a fire under existing packages


One thing i’m not quite sure exactly how to do is error messages, though i wrote it so that it gives errors with context like ParsingList [ row = 0, col = 0 ], ParsingMap [row=4, col = 0], UnexpectedEndOfInput [row = 7, col = 0]


but presumably something can be done with that


I don’t know why but i’ve had a lot of energy lately so i’ve also been working on an “idiomatic” java wrapper for


one thing thats been kinda interesting is how i have to translate “dynamic” patterns to static types


Yeah, I've seen your posts about that -- what motivated that Java wrapper?


the thought that there really isn’t much about deps.edn as a format/structure that means it has to be clojure only


and my general frustrations with this


its supposed to be like an “endorsed” place to learn java, but its written pretty incoherently and with strange focuses


like why does half of the community page just tell you license information for jpegs?


and there is no method to contribute to it / change it


which in a roundabout way led back to my memories of fielding questions about maven and gradle and how obtuse it is to understand what is happening


TBH, that site is so, so, so much better than what the dev onramp used to be for Java...


And folks used to criticize for being a poor onramp too, just a few years ago. It's gotten better.


One of those folks is me


but im more invested in java’s onramp because it affects way more people


That community page for is... terrible tho', I agree... I mean, it totally is not welcoming and makes the community sound very "gated" and distant to me...


> Java is an object-oriented language. If this technical term does not mean anything to you, do not worry, all you need to remember at this point is that all the code you write must be held in a Java class. So then why did you mention it? You haven’t even told them what a class is yet


its also not (really) a technical term. its also two terms


> Just a word of warning: you should be using a plain text editor to create and save this file. Using a word processor will not work. The kind of person who will use a word processor by mistake does not know what a plain text editor is


like yeah its not - but its frustrating because it could be good


> makes the community sound very “gated” and distant to me I have yet to see this proven false


i am honestly still not sure where any sort of stable “community” lives