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Wow, I’m so shocked :P


When they announced their funding I told my wife “I give them about 2 years, 2mil is enough to get that number of developers by for about that amount of time”. 2 years later...yep their dead.


Few lessons on that IMO: have clear goals when you start a project. they had an end goal, but no explanation of how they were going to get there.


Secondly, if you rewrite your project in a different language, you may need to go back and really rethink things.


IIRC. They wrote EVE in (at different points): Clojure, JS, Lua and Rust. In fact they adopted Rust before it was even considered stable at 1.0.


Why anyone would do that when actively funded I have no clue. Rust is nice, sure, but it gives you nothing that C++14 can’t give you. It’s more pleasant, but if you’re solving really hard problems you should be focused on the end goal, not your own comfort


Yeah, I never really understood what Eve was trying to be nor who its target audience really were. The presentations Chris gave on it were always interesting but I always came away thinking "Nice research project -- not sure what product it would be?".


I didn't realize they had rewritten the runtime so many times (it was ClojureScript originally, as a spin-off of LightTable, wasn't it?).


Yeah, back when it was named Aurora it was CLJS. Other versions were in TypedScript (not JS), Lua ( and finally in Rust.


wow, a lot of C code in the Lua version as well


The first lesson in the is to focus on a very narrow target audience, except you are as big as coca cola. Guess thats another thing you have to learn the hard way, just as business != coding,