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"It's got one hell of an IDE. Lately I've taken to writing new files in Emacs, which lets me bust out a ton of code very quickly, code which just happens to be full of horrible errors. And then I open it in IntelliJ and hit Alt-Enter like 50 times while the IDE fixes everything for me. It's a great symbiosis." I do something similar with Cider and Cursive.


Hahaha, yeah, I found that weird. I miss writing Kotlin in IntelliJ when I’m writing clojure.


I don’t know why yegge would have that weird work flow tho. After a certain stage in a project, I don’t really write too many line of codes, so the typing speed isn’t an issue. I guess he is always writing green field projects.


What I usually do, is open up eclipse for java or cursive for clojure, write my code, write tests or test it in the repl and get instant feedback. The advantage is, I dont need to fix errors 50 times after writing what I thought might work 😄