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Just caught up on that article. It's controversial to say "simple" languages produce fewer bugs regardless of static vs dynamic typing but I have some sympathy for that.


However there are a lot of dimensions that you can measure those languages on. I don't believe F# is more complex than C++, for example. Some of those graphs could be ordered by popularity tho' (roughly) and more popular languages attract more developers, which means the range of skills is broader, which means there are more low-skilled developers, which means more bugs.


(again tho' F# is not more popular than C++ so it's hard to understand why F# repos have the worst bug densities?)


yes, the article is a bit simplistic, this is better:


Scala is beginning to sound more like Dracula


Who is worthy to break the seals and open the scroll?


I defy anyone to claim that Scala code fragment is readable! 💥 @borkdude