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Hoping someone might be able to help me out with an Aeron question. We seem to be getting some errors around exceeding Aeron’s maxMessageLength. I have determined that is limited to 1/8 of the aeron.term.buffer.length which we currently have set to 8388608. That number was set before my time and I’m not sure the risks associated with changing it. This is on onyx 0.9.x. we are also on 0.13.x, but still have production stuff that needs to be moved over, which will take some time, so we’re going to have to support 0.9.x for a bit.


Aerons docs just say it has to be in the range of 64kb and 1GB and a power of 2. looks like we have it set to 8MB (* 8 1024 1024) is there any risk in bumping that to, say, 16? performance issues, etc?


well apparently, there is a pretty big performance hit, at least in our implementation. things pretty much ground to a halt


so I guess the other thing we could do is reduce the batch size of that particular job or task


which should get us under that limit