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I seem to remember talks about a standalone/embedded onyx for smaller deployments a while back. Is there something available or was it just an idea?


@nha Just an idea - we didn't end up pursuing it. I still think it's worthwhile, though.

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I see. I was thinking it would be nice to build a work queue (not sure how this is called usually) on top of Onyx. In a one-node setup where work is not really distributed (yet) but the app could benefit from retries, maybe monitoring, persistence of jobs across restarts etc. So something like a stuartsierra/component encapsulating an Onyx instance would be great for me. Does that make sense?


It might be a bit cumbersome depending on your job execution time. Onyx defaults are setup for low latency message processing so if you’re doing something that takes a while in each of your tasks you may have to fiddle with the default timeouts a bit.


oh I see. Mine should be short (ex. a DB delete), but that’s good to know


Ah that sounds like a good fit then