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@lucasbradstreet I'll have some time today to look into the other reduce example. Also, I wanted to update the user guide with the link to but the link is directly to master and the example is not available in any version yet. Should I create an issue on the main repo so that we don't forget to update this once the next version is released? Or do you have any other recommendation?


Being just docs, I'd assume it'd be OK to merge into the current release branch? (the onyx-examples 0.13.x branch I mean)


tentatively opened the PR assuming that's a good idea.


I think I'm missing something about Aeron and kubernetes. Starting with kubectl apply -f kubernetes/peer.deployment.yaml works great the first time. I delete the deployment with kubectl delete -f kubernetes/peer.deployment.yaml and then try to restart again, and get the "active aeron driver exception". Seems like I'm missing something, maybe just a noob error with k8s.