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hey folks, did you do any benchmark on onyx throughput vs its competitors ?

Drew Verlee15:05:03

They published some internal metrics a long while back. i think they would say that its very hard to compare things in the generic sense, as the use case and approach within a system impacts so much.


that's correct. The thing which bothers me is that onyx uses zookeeper as it's distributed queue


and as far as I looked around the internet zookeeper is not a good choice for a distributed queue


so I was wondering how is the throughput of onyx in compare to something like samza or flink

Drew Verlee15:05:22

I’m not sure it uses zookeeper as the que anymore.

Drew Verlee15:05:22

I think it might just use it for coordination.


really ? interesting. So apparently i need to update my info about onyx

Drew Verlee15:05:07

Dont take my word for it, but i’m aware that at some point they changed the role that zookeeper played.

Drew Verlee15:05:25

possible about a year or so back… i dont recall the details.


I'll read the docs again , thanks man


@U28TJ0DDZ It uses ZooKeeper for coordination in a code path that isn’t sensitive to messaging performance.