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Would Onyx be a good fit for processing time series data? For example say I have series A, B, and C and would like to add them together every 5 second window and emit their sum as a new point (or any other arbitrary calculation). This would normally be trivial but all three series don’t write at the exact same instant due to dead banding in the devices generating the data. So I would like to use the last known value of any of the series that didn’t write in the window. You would also need to wait for all the series to have written once before emitting any new points.


Yes, that's a great fit for Onyx.


Thanks, I tried some other solutions that didn’t pan out so I wanted to ask first. Now I have an excuse to learn Onyx 😀


@matt.a.renfro great fit, especially with Onyx’s watermarks feature to wait for the necessary points before emitting a value


I’ll be sure to check that out.