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That was a great talk. Good stuff @georgek ^^


Thanks! It was a lot of fun and some great questions! @maxk ours was a single instance approach. For our very conservative org, being able to deploy as a simple uberjar with not new system dependencies was a huge selling point!


@lucasbradstreet 25 for 8-core server/32gb ram. 25 is because there was 24 catalog functions, we've reduced it to 5 now


@georgek our motivation using ONYX to have horizontal scalability for free (well, almost for free). This is the third version of our stream processing/semantic reconciliation framework, two prev was implemented using python.


hi all, i'm having some trouble starting onyx with an out of process aeron media driver. my env and peer properties: :env-config {:zookeeper/server? false, :onyx.log/config {:level :info}, :onyx/tenancy-id hello1, :zookeeper/address, :zookeeper.server/port 2181}, :peer-config {:onyx/tenancy-id hello1, :onyx.messaging/allow-short-circuit? true, :onyx.messaging/impl :aeron, :onyx.log/config {:level :info}, :onyx.messaging/peer-port 40200, :zookeeper/address, :onyx.peer/job-scheduler :onyx.job-scheduler/balanced, :onyx.messaging.aeron/embedded-driver? false, :onyx.peer/zookeeper-timeout 60000, :onyx.messaging/bind-addr localhost} Running the aeron media driver as a separate process: (let [ctx (doto (MediaDriver$Context.)) media-driver (MediaDriver/launch ctx)] (println "Launched the Media Driver. Blocking forever...") (<!! (chan))) But I don't see any of the virtual peers started in the logs (and nothing in the onyx dashboard). Changing to an embedded driver allows the peers to start


hi guys! Where is the best place to find an standalone Aeron media driver code?


I mean an aeron media driver running uberjar project.


@ben.mumford any errors on the media driver side? I would think that would be enough.


@maxk lol, yup. Wasn't reading carefully! ;)