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@eriktjacobsen thanks for letting me know. Would you ever want to correlate that SMS event against anything else that is happening in your stack? Eg. see if it ended up making a sale? I was considering the notification case but I was thinking more for richer push notifications, which might not really hit your case


I like the onyx workflow model with conditions and exception handling as a general way to describe data manipulation. Has anyone tried to implement it for simple things such as an in-memory pipeline in a web server? We have steps such as validation, transforming json to clj data types, checking app-level stuff, saving to db and emitting events to kafka. I'd like to declare these flows in a similar fashion as onyx.


More brain food inspired from yesterday: is anyone using Lambda (with or without Onyx) and maintaining state, in say, Dynamo?


@lucasbradstreet Not for our use case, we are just notifiying people to come back into our web app. We do track the clicks via the frontend and generate a clickstream event from it, but don't need any deeper correlation or tracking.


We are using aws lambdas and are triggering them from within an onyx task. All of ours are stateless themselves, though we do based our triggering on a window state.