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@akiel I think it was removed in a refactor, since we didn’t think anyone was using it, but I’m open to it being added back in


@mariusz_jachimowicz adding the kill button to onyx-dashboard might be a good job for you if you’re interested


Sure, I will take a look. I am experimenting with some kind of a supervising mechanism for handling failures in Onyx for now.


What kind of failures? I'm putting better, more robust failure detection in the ABS branch, that will use heartbeats and won't rely completely on ZooKeeper watches


I have idea of supervisor component that is notified about failures and can broadcast this event to all components to handle it properly.


Ah this is more at the component level.


OK, feel free to investigate it, but know that we're mostly frozen for non bug fixes on the master/develop branches as ABS is getting all of the attention, and we're trying to reduce the cost of a later merge


I want to have some history what failures was seen and orchestrate how system handle each kind of failure.


Sure. It's early stage experiment.


Mostly wanted to let you know where things are currently at

Drew Verlee14:11:59

Just in case it hasn’t been mentioned Clojure Remote is looking for speakers. The organizer just announced that speakers will receive profit sharing of 1%/hr for their session. I think this might go a long way to make it worth the time to put together a talk or a workshop. Actual, it might be possible if we finish the Onyx Online tutorial within a couple months to use that as a 2 hour workshop online! I think that would be super cool.