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@colinhicks where's the current onyx-blueprint thing running? Might try to contribute something


I remember seeing it running somewhere though? Only GH Repo?


It's not up publicly at the moment. I can put a new preview up later today if it would be helpful, @martinklepsch


Ah, yeah I was looking for the live copy a few days ago too. Thanks for the explanation @colinhicks. I’ll take a stab at doing a contribution on Sunday.


@colinhicks: ah ok, then im confusing it with this other thing I saw, sorry haha


Sorry for the confusion. I took it down in part to simplify things as other folks start to contribute


I'm AFK now, but will be back later to provide more details

Drew Verlee20:11:11

Any ideas on what would roughly need to be done for a Hbase Plugin? At a high level i would assume I would need to build something to provide an “exactly once” contract between onyx and HBase.


@drewverlee For a reader or writer? Reader needs a way to partition the data set into discrete chunks that can be read in parallel. Plugins do not need to provide any exactly-once mechanism. Onyx itself takes care of that completely.

Drew Verlee21:11:30

@michaeldrogalis I was semi interested in what it would take to do either. I was trying to compare it from what im reading about Apache Flink:, which discusses that the sources and sinks influence the guarantees your system has.


@drewverlee We’re getting close to having an alpha of the same fault tolerance system. Might want to wait a bit.