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Drew Verlee19:06:44

Any idea’s on where i can start looking to resolve this?

➜  onyx-twitter-sample git:(master) ✗ docker-compose up
ERROR: Validation failed in file './docker-compose.yaml', reason(s):
Unsupported config option for peer: ‘shm_size’
I take it shm refers to /dev/shm and shared memory. it seesms shm support was was added to docker in 1.10.0 and im beyond that...
➜  onyx-twitter-sample git:(master) ✗ docker-compose --version
docker-compose version 1.6.2, build 4d72027
➜  onyx-twitter-sample git:(master) ✗ docker --version
Docker version 1.10.3, build 20f81dd
This might be more of a docker question now that i’m getting closer to the answer.
➜  onyx-twitter-sample git:(master) ✗ lein do clean, uberjar; docker build -t peerimage .
Compiling twit.core
Created /Users/drewverlee/personal/onyx/onyx-twitter-sample/target/twit-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
Created /Users/drewverlee/personal/onyx/onyx-twitter-sample/target/peer.jar
Sending build context to Docker daemon 101.1 MB
Step 1 : FROM java:8-jre-alpine
8-jre-alpine: Pulling from library/java
fae91920dcd4: Pull complete
17b535817bef: Pull complete
bbfdca1c316e: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:992f040717540e53868912e82cdf00131b13890b17f6c0f57a8902e0eaad358d
Status: Downloaded newer image for java:8-jre-alpine
 ---> 6a8b77287171
Step 2 : MAINTAINER Gardner Vickers <[email protected]>
 ---> Running in 6ecc1efcb197
 ---> af63067174e7
Removing intermediate container 6ecc1efcb197
Step 3 : ADD  /tmp/
Downloading [==================================================>] 926.3 kB/926.3 kB
 ---> 59ec8c479929
Removing intermediate container edbdd4adaf35
Step 4 : RUN tar xzf /tmp/s6-overlay-amd64.tar.gz -C /
 ---> Running in f0d6ceb203bd
 ---> c5e2070e97ae
Removing intermediate container f0d6ceb203bd
Step 5 : RUN apk add --update libgcc libstdc++ bash bash-doc bash-completion
 ---> Running in 8242a78455f9
(1/8) Installing ncurses-terminfo-base (6.0-r7)
(2/8) Installing ncurses-terminfo (6.0-r7)
(3/8) Installing ncurses-libs (6.0-r7)
(4/8) Installing readline (6.3.008-r4)
(5/8) Installing bash (4.3.42-r3)
(6/8) Installing bash-completion (2.1-r2)

(7/8) Installing bash-doc (4.3.42-r3)

(8/8) Installing libstdc++ (5.3.0-r0)
Executing busybox-1.24.2-r8.trigger
OK: 118 MiB in 42 packages
 ---> 8eb29f1e547b
Removing intermediate container 8242a78455f9
Step 6 : ADD scripts/ /etc/services.d/media_driver/run
 ---> a2780a00557c
Removing intermediate container 34c4598829fd
Step 7 : ADD scripts/ /etc/s6/media_driver/finish
 ---> 0825020e1384
Removing intermediate container 987fd72e1985
Step 8 : ADD scripts/ /opt/
 ---> 25bfada1a27a
Removing intermediate container 6347db2a2971
Step 9 : ADD target/peer.jar /opt/peer.jar
 ---> e9419d3bfe95
Removing intermediate container 24f2596cbdc6
Step 10 : ENTRYPOINT /init
 ---> Running in 02f5f4e96b1e
 ---> 1b8114a58b9a
Removing intermediate container 02f5f4e96b1e
Step 11 : EXPOSE 3196 3197 3198 40200
 ---> Running in aa4fff13f43f
 ---> 25677b6aeaf5
Removing intermediate container aa4fff13f43f
Step 12 : EXPOSE 40200/udp
 ---> Running in 51b5f6a7cd07
 ---> 5baa783a89fc
Removing intermediate container 51b5f6a7cd07
Step 13 : CMD opt/
 ---> Running in 5675e58e47a9
 ---> 23eb72f3c42d
Removing intermediate container 5675e58e47a9
Successfully built 23eb72f3c42d

➜  onyx-twitter-sample git:(master) ✗ docker-compose up
ERROR: Validation failed in file './docker-compose.yaml', reason(s):
Unsupported config option for peer: ‘shm_size’

Drew Verlee19:06:52

^ is concerning the onyx-twitter example. Slack wont let me edit the message