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michaeldrogalis: very, very cool. Love the elm inspired error messages


you have certainly raised the bar in regards to error messages in clojure libraries. impressive!


@ckarlsen: Should go up for everyone soon once we move it out into its own library simple_smile


i'm working on a datomic-rest-api plugin for onyx. Their error messages is the opposite of impressive. storage or transactor down? 500 server error. Malformed input? 500 server error. Entity not found? 500 server error. It's almost useless.


datomic's licensing scheme makes it very hard/expensive to fully embrace it in a stream processing context. I hope they soon realize this simple_smile


Yeah, the licensing scheme makes me sad because it’s a very bad fit for being able to scale up and down peers and we have to resort to things like scheduler constraints to colocate onyx peers that use datomic