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Drew Verlee00:03:27

I probably shouldn't play with things I don't understand. Running ./ from the onyx template seems to have had some unexpected behaviour. Upon restarting my laptop im left with only the mouse and the background (the icons are gone). I can't get a terminal. My guess is I put the docker containers onto of my desktop os, which probably not the right idea. In using ubuntu. Any ideas are welcome. The laptop was overdue for replacement anyway.


Woah o_o I'm sorry to hear that @drewverlee


I've never heard of Docker causing that kind of behavior before.

Drew Verlee03:03:43

@michaeldrogalis: Nothing to be sorry for. I fudged part of the instructions where you setup a VM to run the docker commands inside (step 2 setup a VM). Instead i just used my host OS. Part of me understood this might end poorly. I can get to all my files. my guess is that i need to un-containerize it... simple_smile


@drewverlee: I could be wrong, but I think you only need a VM if you're running OS X, in which case docker-machine usually makes a VM on your behalf. I think something more devious was going on with Ubuntu and Docker there. 😧

Drew Verlee03:03:22

hmm. Thanks for your input! i'll try to figure it out. I can get at my files so hopefully i can get some logs. like what cmds i ran.


For what it's worth, about 2 years ago I had a laptop with Ubuntu 14 on it. I repeatedly tried to install MongoDB, and whenever I rebooted I lost everything. Couldn't even get past the bootloader. Just my camp fire story about Ubuntu issues. 🔥

Drew Verlee03:03:31

ouch! I have probably been lucky with how much random stuff i have thrown at it over the last 3 and a half years.

Drew Verlee04:03:30

i followed the instructions again and paid much closer attention Now docker compose-up seems to loop on this:

peer_1      | + APP_NAME=prod_meetup
peer_1      | ./run: line 8: PEER_JAVA_OPTS: unbound variable
peer_1      | ++ hostname --ip-address
peer_1      | + export BIND_ADDR=
peer_1      | + BIND_ADDR=
peer_1      | ++ sed s/-/_/g
peer_1      | ++ echo prod-meetup
peer_1      | + export APP_NAME=prod_meetup
peer_1      | + APP_NAME=prod_meetup
peer_1      | ./run: line 8: PEER_JAVA_OPTS: unbound variable
is that what i should expect?


@drewverlee: ugh that's a bug sorry about that. If you remove PEER_JAVA_OPTS and MEDIA_DRIVER_JAVA_OPTS from the two scripts in the scripts dir and rebuild it should work


lucasbradstreet: would you expect CPU usage of an Onyx node that's under practically no load (and only has Onyx + aeron running on it) to have very low CPU usage?


@greywolve There will be some CPU burn thanks to Aeron polling both on the media driver side and the onyx side. This somewhat tuneable but there's a trade off with latency


would you be suspicious if the CPU usage while under little load was very low, and then later, suddenly became high for an extended period of time, even with no load increase, or perhaps even a further load decrease ?


(well not high, but say low is normally 1% , and then it jumps to 25% for ages)


@greywolve: I’d be suspicious if there wasn’t suddenly throughput (even if it was just a little bit, it might be enough)


The perils of making your scripts run in hard / safe mode


@drewverlee: Pretty sure yours truly broke that one. Sorry 😧

Drew Verlee20:03:43

@michaeldrogalis: not sure that had anything todo with the crash. I got the cluster up and streaming. I think their is a small typo in the README

ZOOKEEPER=$(echo $DOCKER_HOST|cut -d ':' -f 2|sed "s/\/\///g") lein run -m
should use jobs.meetup-job or the file name should be changed?


I’ll fix that thanks


@michaeldrogalis: Seems like the table in is broken 😞


@sreenath.n: It's fixed on the site now. You might need to drop your browser cache for that page.

Drew Verlee20:03:52

@michaeldrogalis: In one of your talks you mention that ... " onyx is unique in this space in that its coordinated through a masterless protocol with a custom network overlay for fault detection." where could i go to learn more about what that means.


@michaeldrogalis: That was quick!! Thanks! 👏


@drewverlee: That's the topic of my Clojure/west talk. simple_smile Though I did talk briefly about it here:


I'm glad this talk got recorded, because I was speaking to a mostly empty room. 😛