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Hello, I am new to Om and am trying to find out whether it is easy enough to build a basic web app which would have a few buttons, and little state. Specifically, I want to know whether it is easy to write repeatable data: the data items would be shown in html tables; and also, draw onto canvases and interact with graphic libs such as d3.js…thanks for any comment!


Agree with Claudiu, Om only really makes sense for large applications with complex state requirements. I really like rum for basic stuff.


I don't think the framework will make much difference if you're dealing with canvases and graphics libs - usually you push that to the leaves of the dom tree and it's outside reactjs anyway.


Thank you all! It looks like I should go with reagent, but I have been reading SPA chapter in Learning Clojurescript, which has an easy om recipe for ajax calls to the server. My question is: is it easy to make the same with Reagent? Eg. page loads, user requests server data and so forth….


Also, wanted to know if this React.create-class deprecation and removal slated for React 16 is a threat to using cljs frameworkd at the moment? Thanks..


@U06BUCH6D reagent is the most popular react-wrapper in cljs, dont think u have to worry about react updates (I'm not using reagent so not 100% sure). Be sure to check out the free course is quite nice if youre just getting started.


I think all the options have updated to React 16 now. and om are very different, treat them as separate frameworks. FWIW, I prefer rum to reagent.


Thank you all! Much appreciated..