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@briantrice it seems kind of mean to say disparaging remarks about fulcro and call @tony.kay "naive" without more specific details. I don't think you're contributing positively to this conversation unless you do the homework first to be able to give us some more relevant criticism ... just going in the forum of developers and telling people "you've already seen how it all goes badly before" about their project without articulating any details is not going to make you very popular...


@drcode someone said “why not fulcro?” so I explained what put me off. That’s all. It actually took me a few minutes to even realize he was defending his own project.


@briantrice I guess it's fair for people to speak their mind.


@drcode it’s totally fair and realistic for me to put the marketing of a project into my weighing it for a team. Developers buy into all kinds of pitches without evaluating the risks or understanding how they play out at scale. I have a lot at risk and need to weigh that.


FWIW we’re still on a 2-year-old version of CLJS and have a lot weighing on us, in terms of feature demands. Upgrading is going to be costly and I can’t afford much miscalculation.