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@fenton I’d love it if you wanted to take over the om-tutorial I wrote way back. I don’t have time to maintain it.


@tony.kay I don't want to make a promise I can't keep... But I'll definitely look into it.


I should probably look at om source myself at some point, but how quickly do you think React Fiber will start having an effect on Om? I heard Dan Abramov say that it will initially only work with setState and that they will "figure something out for redux", so without knowing about the internals I don't know what that means with regards to om.


I am told most discussion happens here not at #om-next


Would you say going through the 2 part tutorial starting at, is feasbily a getting started route for those with no om knowledge/experience? meaning, that it's a sufficient bootstrap for without any om background? I'm looking to choose a front-end framework to power some serious applications, but I also would like to feel (with due effort investment) very productive after an arduous learning curve.


What do you think?


@matan In my view, having worked on numerous serious Om projects over the past 2 years, there's little or no advantage to knowing Om already. So don't worry if you think you've missed out, you can ignore Om and learn Om Next from scratch just as easily as anyone else. from


@claudio thanks, I'd never guess that 🙂


thanks for the additional tutorial suggestion too


u're welcome 🙂


How much (net) time do folks here think that one should set aside to learn through a study project, to sufficiently cover their bases before using it in a real project for the first time? the tutorials look quite straightforward to me, I wonder if that's because is simple to use once you get it, or they just stop early...


In case anyone cares to comment with some kind of estimate, so I can set aside enough time


@matan have you gone through only the wiki tutorials ? Found the community resources really helpfull.