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for, when using ui (for defining the anonymous component) does it necessarily have to be inline or can I assign it to a variable as when one would use defui NameOfComponent then om/factory to find it? I can't figure if that is possible from the docs or searching around.


I ask because when using defui and using that variable it breaks some behavior on subcomponents that the custom component relies on but breaks the interaction by introducing the custom component in the DOM and the parent component doesn't expect custom components wrapping expected children Specifically, I am using cljs-react-material-ui.core to define a table, but when it comes to the table row with its row columns I would like that in as a separate component that returns the (table-row (table-row-column my-let-var-with-value)), but this breaks the check box behavior from


It actually looks like wrapping the anonymous component still introduces a node, anybody know of a or something in React that would create the component as an html comment (or something that doesn't get injected into the Dom) as to not interfere with functionality of libraries that relies on certain node structure? I seem to recall Angular was able to accomplish this with a special comment node for delimiting a component?


Hi all, are there any times when a remote send won’t happen even if a remote key in a read has an ast?