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I'm actually a bit confused about link queries. Do they allow me to have 'floating' queries that do not compose up to root through the parent components? If I have to hike them up through the tree into each parent, it's still a bit inconvenient. I might as well pass user down the tree...


@danielstockton idents can "float" outside the hierarchy


i've used that to hack around the inconvenience of rooting


That's indeed very useful then, I will give that a go.


I also had trouble rooting a nested remote query, sadly I never worked it out and can't use an ident in that case.


What I wanted was a component two levels deep to have a root query and to use a namespaced keyword on the parent and grandparent just for passing props down. I tried calling it :delegate/some-name meaning it delegates the query to the next level and checked for the delegate namespace in the :default parser function. I got it to work with local queries but if I added :remote true it sent the whole thing and I never worked out how to root it. Tried associng :query-root true in various places to no avail.


If anyone is doing something similar in their project or knows an example, I'd be interested to hear.