# om

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peeja 20:30:46

tree->db / normalize* appears to fall apart when keys in the query have params. Does that sound right, or am I doing something wrong?

peeja 20:31:48

For instance, in this (let [[k sel] (util/join-entry expr) …):

peeja 20:32:42

If the key of the join entry has params, k will look like (:key {:some-params})

peeja 20:33:09

but later it looks up the value in the data as (get data k)

peeja 20:33:59

Or does Om expect the key params to be in the keys in the response?

anmonteiro 20:46:01

@peeja sounds like a bug

peeja 22:45:00

Actually, now that I'm playing with it, having the params in the response is pretty helpful. :slightly_smiling_face:

anmonteiro 22:56:03

@peeja in the tree->db response?