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Thanks for your input @solussd I'll do some wondering about it.


Just published a new tutorial video (part of a series I'm working on): Untangled/Om Next In The Large. Part 1 covers the very common and popular problem of structuring your app (Union queries, including nesting them), and HTML5 routing (with params). Source code and helper macros included and linked from the video description

Joe R. Smith14:01:38

@sova i wouldn’t inject anything into the html

Joe R. Smith14:01:28

you might consider setting a cookie w/ a token and then on app load hitting some /current-user endpoint (authenticated via the token in the cookie)


@sova fwiw, this is what i do. I receive a JWT token on login that i store in localStorage and use on all subsequent requests

Joe R. Smith16:01:47

Definitely take a look at JWT– it’s a good fit for rich client-side apps as well as native mobile


@danielstockton interesting! thank you both for your recommendations.