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sova 01:45:12

Ah thank you everyone, I really admire the adstage approach... take note when the DB has a mutation and send the incremental (delta change) to the clients... so I think sente will be the way, and thanks again for all the answers.

sova 01:46:35

Also, I think I learned something awesome! Bidi can be used on the front-end (cljs) and on the backend (clj) and has a render to string function now (since sept? maybe earlier?) so you can have "instantaneous" (1ms gen time) responses to URLs and still have the app object loading in the background so the functionality loads in like 1-3s or whatever... has anyone used this approach ?

drcode 23:41:11

Hi everyone, I'm trying to use the Palantir blueprint library in OmNext ( and have it mostly working, except that I'm running into the issue that two versions of react are being loaded: One with OmNext, and another with npm/webpack when I build the blueprint js bundle. Is there any recommended solution to this sort of double-loading problem? Is it possible to exclude react with Om? Or, can anyone point me to a resource for how I can generate a js bundle that manually excludes a dependency like React? Thanks for any pointers!

drcode 23:42:31

(by having Om+Blueprint "mostly working" I mean it's working, except a couple of the components are throwing errors that seem to be related to having multiple versions of react running)