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in is the mutate fn the same as "update the values in the db" ?


@azzikid could you use (assoc ...) in this situation?


@azzikid you need to tweak merge-tree in the reconciler to use merge-with


It uses merge by default which doesn't do a deep merge


@anmonteiro thanks! i was able to apply deep merge in merge-tree but now the deeply merged item isn't triggering a re-render of the components. any idea how i can get the component to re-render after a deep merge? the state is updated. if i do something else to trigger a re-render, my new state shows up in the component.


I'll need some more context. You may want to verify your queries correctly match the novel data


@anmonteiro if it helps i attached the repo. i am am adding a todo optimistically, then calling out to pouchdb to get more data, then merge back into the state. seems like the queries are valid since data from pouch is normalized and showing in the todo list.