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It seems like the support for [:foo _] refs is limited when it comes to automatic re-rendering. Maybe someone could confirm this? I currently can't get my components re-render without switching to supplying plain keys instead (which currently doesn't fit my very flat data model)..


@molstt not sure I understand. you want to add :foo to transact!, not [:foo _]


@anmonteiro I wanted to use [:foo _] everywhere, both in component queries and when transacting (if needed to trigger re-render), because I currently have a simplistic model with just a few singletons right under the state root. But if I do that I get no re-renders when data is transacted to these singletons.


@molstt that’s right, because IIRC transact! won’t recognize links


this is for a reason: a [:foo _] link refers to a :foo key at the top-level


so the root component might declare :foo in its query, while another down the tree will query for [:foo _]


does that mean that components querying via links should re-render automatically when these singletons get new values? Otherwise I don't see how links can work at all..


I suppose that when I query for :foo in a transaction, 'this' will be used so that the key is considered component-relative


@molstt yeah the indexer knows which components query for those links


so if :foo changes, every component that queries for [:foo _] will be scheduled to re-render


ok, so it should work, that was what I was expecting.. then I probably have some problem in my code


thanks for info


@molstt happy to look at a minimal repro in case you can’t figure it out


first probably make sure that you’re composing queries correctly


yup, thanks


I have been working my way through how works and implementing routing similar to compassus, however I am struggling with what happens after I change the route. Basically, I use first approach in this post -> , where my Root component contains queries for all routes. Initial dispatch works well, my :remote is requested and response displayed. However, after change-route! remote is not requested anymore. I assume it’s because change-route! didn’t actually touch buried keys inside. How would I force reconciler to execute query of the chosen corresponding route?


I assumed just returning {:remote true} from read would be enough to force data fetching (without :value). Is it correct?


If anyone is interested, Ethan and I beefed up the documented story of how Untangled implements Om Next networking and avoids having you write a parser. Even if you don’t want to use Untangled, this covers some of the core realizations and decisions we think make using Om Next much easier. It also gives you a good idea of what the trade-offs are:!/untangled_tutorial.H_Server_Interactions