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Is there any way to write to global state and then read the state back again the line after? Like keeping what could be component state globally instead. A feature like update-in for the global state would also work fine in this kind of case. Or am I doing it wrong? It would feel a bit complex to have component local state being synced with global state just once in a while..


@molstt: not sure what you're trying to achieve, but transact! returns the result of the mutation


oh, missed that, thanks! 馃槉


@molstt: probably not documented anywhere, feel free to add it to the wiki docs


thanks! appreciate it


btw @anmonteiro I鈥檝e signed the contributor agreement, in case you wanna merge the PR 馃槢


We discovered a problem in IE 11(Edge engine) or Edge browser with input fields when using Om/Next. The onChange event is not always firing on the input field when we specify a :value for the input field. Om/Next utilizes the requestAnimationFrame feature (or setTimeout) and that appears to be whats causing the issue with Edge. To work around this issue i switched to using the onInput event instead which is always fired. I have reported the problem to Microsoft under


It very well could be actually


In fact, I'd say it is 馃檪


I do notice the issue does not happen if i override the requestAnimationFrame raf with a function that directly calls the reconciler without delaying via set timeout or requestAnimationFrame functions


Nice post about incremental rendering 馃檪

Oliver George21:09:51

Has anyone tried using clojure.spec definitions to generate query expressions?

Oliver George21:09:24

I came up with a simple prototype of the idea. Seems to be possible.

Oliver George21:09:28

I'd love to see more "spec code as data" examples for a good approach.