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@solussd: your query might not always be a map after a mutation


as in, after a mutation, the query that the parser gets is


which will probably not be the union query

Joe R. Smith22:08:04

@anmonteiro: after mutating :app/route, route-query in my snippet is the correct part of the union query.

Joe R. Smith23:08:16

in fact, I make it all the way to returning {:remote (assoc ast :query-root true)} from the recursively-called read handlers, but it never makes it to my send function. 😕

Joe R. Smith23:08:50

I don’t think I understand what sets env’s :target in my :app/route-data read method

Joe R. Smith23:08:25

but I do see that it is set to :remote (instead of nil) when it “works”. @anmonteiro ^