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anmonteiro 17:37:37

@nxqd: @iwankaramazow: the problem in your example is that you’re setting both the Root query and the Wrapper query

anmonteiro 17:38:04

whenever you get the query for the Root, since you set it dinamically, whatever has been set for it is going to win

anmonteiro 17:38:17

in this case you have set it when the id param was still nil

nxqd 18:38:00

@anmonteiro: thanks ! it explains the problem.

kenbier 19:58:21

im having trouble querying for a many enum attribute.
i.e. [:db/id :foo/bar {:foo/zed [:db/ident]}]

kenbier 19:58:49

the query returns [{:db/id 17592186262081} {:db/id 17592186262266}] for :foo/zed

kenbier 19:59:57

is there a proper way to query for many enum that i am missing? on the server this query looks the same and returns the actual values

iwankaramazow 23:18:05

@anmonteiro: thanks! Om Next's fundamentals are so important :smile: