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@nxqd: @iwankaramazow: the problem in your example is that you’re setting both the Root query and the Wrapper query


whenever you get the query for the Root, since you set it dinamically, whatever has been set for it is going to win


in this case you have set it when the id param was still nil


@anmonteiro: thanks ! it explains the problem.


im having trouble querying for a many enum attribute. i.e. [:db/id :foo/bar {:foo/zed [:db/ident]}]


the query returns [{:db/id 17592186262081} {:db/id 17592186262266}] for :foo/zed


is there a proper way to query for many enum that i am missing? on the server this query looks the same and returns the actual values


@anmonteiro: thanks! Om Next's fundamentals are so important 😄


I've run into the #error {:message "No queries exist for component path [...] a few times and it seems to have something to do with the query in my root component and (possibly) the metadata from get-query calls inside the root query. A simplified example: Header query:

Counter query:
Root query:
`[[email protected](om/get-query Header)
  [email protected](om/get-query Counter)])
Setup this way, the child components get the right props, but calls to transact! from the child components throw the "No queries" error. Does someone know if this is expected behavior? EDIT: adjusted typos in query names