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@dnolen: was looking through the issues, and I think: - #679 has been fixed - #674 is just a question that has been answered here in slack


@anmonteiro: thanks for the heads up will take a look


@dnolen: while you鈥檙e at it, pretty sure #693 is also just a question that could be answered here


Hey! Is anyone here using the latest om alpha and devcards 0.2.1-7 in the same project? They ship different React versions. I'm wondering how to avoid conflicts there.


@jannis: can you do something like this? [sablono "0.3.3" :exclusions [cljsjs/react]]


That may do it. I'll see if I can get exclude cljsjs/react 0.14.3 from devcards.


@isak: It did work and would've solved my problem if another, pure JS component hadn't been pulling in React once more. Thanks 馃檪


Ok, I made an ackward false alarm for a bug on github issue page, could someone here notice any pitfall I'm falling trough, trying to getElementById, after html code is fetched from remote server via http/get request? After a tip from anmonteiro, I used :remote and :send of the reconciler to handle my async callback, but I still get the same problem, that the browser wont find the element. If anyone has time to look at the issue I made and tell me where I'm wrong, it would be great. Otherwise, no problem (knowing how few heros actually take their time to help, a topic for another discussion).


@hlolli: I looked at your example and I believe that your problem is due to the fact that you render once without the remote data so the svg is not yet in the page


so maybe try 2 things: - check that the SVG is actually there when you query for the DOM node - move the code to componentDidUpdate when the remote data will already be there


ok, I by the way, also tested putting the svg in a local def and dangerouslysethtml straight from the (cljs)string. And then it worked, it always finds a dom element, just not when trought the async go loop.


I guess I should have made an issue for it too, but did not 馃檪


@anmonteiro: ok, I also tried to do if mounted? then.... But I think i will just try to find some ways of making a boolean check that the element exists before assigning a js-fn to it. So I maybe ask again tomorrow (this is work related issue and I'm at home now 馃檪 )


@cmcfarlen: I鈥檒l put that on my queue, just can鈥檛 get to it today


guys, is it possible to define om/IQuery with a parameter that is being taken out of props that were sent into the component?


so if a factory rendered (foo {:data data :params some-params}) can I do something like:

static om/IQuery
(query [this] `[({:data [:desc :id]} {:id ~(get params :id)})]`)