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@kendall.buchanan: As the child is getting the parent's props, and the child gets re-rendered if the parent's props change, then there's no more reason for the props that are being passed down to be real props at all. So another possibility is to have them passed down as computed props - out of band. That is I think how I would do it.


@dimiter: I just realized this was the Om channel (I thought it was a different one. Must have toggled here by accident.) I highly doubt that my suggestion is idiomatic for Om, since I have very little experience with it. Perhaps someone else here would be able to offer a more official answer.


Yeah. It was more a general cljs question anyways. I dont think OM has an idiomatic approach to what i want to do.


I would try react-motion, but this is actually kind of tricky. react-motion-ui-pack tries to make it easier


someday I hope to do (better, find?) something about that for om


@ag I think has implemented todo item creation


@francoiswirion: I would like to believe they have 😉 Though the whole thing felt a bit sketchy, and I'm not sure what we did to get it working. It definitely had something to do with declaring the query :remote true


@bendlas lol 😄, thanks for weighing in I too have to understand and properly make work the remote stuff in my toy app I'm a little slowed down by having separate repos for server and client, and not having a good testing / workflow story going on the server side time for a detour


@cjmurphy: Thank you, I think I’ve settled on the same solution.


Hi all, looking for a multi-select implementation in OM. Anyone have any samples?


I used this in Pure React, but am unsure of how I would use that in OM. Still a bit fuzzy on the inter-op.