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hkjels 00:46:28

The docs on set-query! says that re-sends will happen when necessary. Anyone know how it is decided when it’s necessary?
Tried looking into the set-query!-function but it’s a bit difficult to grasp

taylor.sando 00:51:04

If the component that set-query! has anything in its query that causes a remote read, or if you specify any reads as a last argument to set-query!

hkjels 00:53:10

Of course. I now see that it’s my read-fn that’s not being called at all for some reason

hkjels 12:45:47

@anmonteiro: I’m trying your routing-solution using set-query!, but I don’t understand how the parser is to kick in

hkjels 12:46:33

The initial data is showing, but my read-fns are not being called

hkjels 12:47:07

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

anmonteiro 13:24:44

@hkjels: a minimal case that demonstrates your problem is appreciated

hkjels 13:35:00

I’ll write a gist. My son just woke up, so I’ll have to do it later on

iwankaramazow 16:49:31

@hkjels: schameless plug, but you could try the following :wink: