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threepointone 06:03:04

What are you not able to do on the server side? I don't understand the 'up in the air' comment.

nxqd 06:18:41

@isak: it's good to know that someone already have some work on .net :smile:

seanirby 07:25:43

what version of om are you all using?

seanirby 07:25:49


petterik 08:37:36

Alpha 31 currently. Updating to 32 some time this week

tomjack 09:41:54

is there any hope of using react-motion's components directly?

tomjack 09:51:08

@tomjack uploaded a file: Untitled

tomjack 09:54:16

react-motion will call your child-fn from RAF, so need to manually convey bindings for the factories in child-fn. after that, so far so good..

tomjack 10:11:09

@tomjack uploaded a file: Untitled and commented: TransitionMotion for example

marianoguerra 16:18:19

hi, is there an official api to get the state history in (alpha33-SNAPSHOT)?

marianoguerra 16:18:40

I'm showing at a local react.js meetup, I already have the export/import state like circleci

marianoguerra 16:19:01

but I would like to enable a time traveling widget with the last N values of the state atom

seanirby 16:20:55

@marianoguerra: I've never used it yet but it looks like will do what you need

marianoguerra 16:21:42

@seanirby: thing is I need to get the uuid from somewhere :simple_smile:

marianoguerra 16:22:10

if can I subscribe to the thing that logs in the console to collect the uuids then I'm done

marianoguerra 16:22:46

the alternative is to call app-staet and add-watch

anmonteiro 16:22:47

@marianoguerra: no public API

anmonteiro 16:23:03

and find something that solves your problem

marianoguerra 16:25:27

I think I will call add-watch on the atom returned from app-state and see if it works

marianoguerra 16:25:50

I think the nice official way would be to be able to subscribe to the transactions and move the logging as a subscriber of that API

seanirby 16:28:09

hey @anmonteiro, i noticed when bumping my version from alpha30 to alpha32 that :normalize true had no effect when I passed an atom to the reconciler. do you know if this is a regression or is the reconciler expecting a map for normalization to occur?

marianoguerra 16:30:27

add-watch works like a charm :simple_smile:

anmonteiro 16:30:44

@seanirby: the only thing that jumps to mind is this commit:

anmonteiro 16:32:20

I'll try it out later and let you know if there's a regression

anmonteiro 19:45:48

@dnolen: there's no symbol-identical? in Clojure

dnolen 19:46:10

oh …. sorry right

dnolen 19:46:15

PR said that. OK.

tomjack 23:06:19

I was also tripped up by 6243eb499b

tomjack 23:08:19

My fix was to pass a map, then (defonce app-state (om/app-state app-reconciler)) to get ahold of the atom

tomjack 23:10:41

I was confused, but the new behavior makes sense to me now

seanirby 23:11:28

tomjack: I haven't needed to pull the app-state out of the reconciler yet. I've just been using @reconciler. What's the difference?

tomjack 23:11:59

I mean if you had been def'ing an atom and passing that in

tomjack 23:12:15

Then instead you can pass the map, but still get the atom after

tomjack 23:12:28

Otherwise just pass a map :)

tomjack 23:13:30

I like to have the atom so I can swap/reset for development purposes